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As Hoboken residents, Elana and I were actually tracking the opening of Dozzino quite intently.  It was a big moment for us – to have an artisinal pizzeria in our backyard – and Dozzino did not disappoint.  Sure, for an upscale pie, Grimaldi’s serves its purpose every now and then (and quite well), but there is something to be said about a boutique wood fired brick oven pizzeria, where the soul of the pizzaiolos is felt throughout your entire dining experience.  Such is the case with Dozzino.

Over the last couple of months, Elana and I have gotten a chance to know the owners of Dozzino, Marc and Rob.  These guys are truly obsessed with pizza.  And as we came to find out, their obsession spills over into a zany, friendly, and self imposed obligation to spread the joys of pizza, bread, and their own interpretation of simple, quality Italian fare.

The above is proof of this.

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