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This month’s Bathroom of the Month Award goes to Slice, The Perfect Food! While not the fanciest or most polished in terms of loo decor, I walked out of that bathroom feeling like I had visited 1 part carnival, 1 part artist studio, with a dash of wacky/artsy boudoir (see the red crystal chandelier). And with the renegade Muppet art, the only thing missing was this. The large mirrors, tidy appearance, and parquet ceiling sure helped too. But honestly, this bathroom is all about the experience. Go check it out, and while you’re at it, order a Miki.

And if you need other suggestions, let’s review our week’s adventures:

On Monday, it was Marmo’s Birthday, and we gave you a Marmo Special: Farfalle with Sausage recipe.

Tuesday was all about pizza, and we checked out John’s Jersey establishment.

On Wednesday, the Landmark Loews Theatre and Sapthagiri Indian Restaurant hit a home run double feature and make my millennium.

Finally, we hone our crane kicks for the Gramercy Tavern review on Thursday.

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This month’s BATHROOOOOOM of the MONTH goes to Co. Restaurant. Not only do their pizzas get top marks, but their bathrooms top the charts this month with a pleasing combination of dark red subway tiles, random art (like a visual non sequitur) and fancy accessories (lemon scented hand soap from C.O. Bigelow). My favorite part was the paper towel cubby hole. Nice work, guys. For our full review of Co. Restaurant, please click here.

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I’m sure you knew the writing was on the wall (sorry, couldn’t resist) when you saw the photos of L’Artusi’s restroom. This bathroom was not only clean and well-kept, but imaginative! I was pretty impressed with their black and white spray paint decor that somehow looks like a field of flowers. And I also loved how they wrote the “must wash hands” message directly on the wall. All this combined with the subway tiles, Xlerator, and candlelit shelving push L’Artusi’s restroom to the favorite spot for December. Congratulations!

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Yes, congrats Del Posto.  In addition to your various culinary accolades, you have now achieved true critical prominence.  Winner of JohnandElana’s bathroom of the month. To me, this was just a no brainer.  This is probably my bathroom of the year so far.  In addition to great food, Del Posto couples the culinary experience with a first class sanitary scene of dreams.  The only thing missing here is the guy to apply the soap for you – which would actually make for a considerable problem in this sense – since the bathrooms are individual “water closets.”  On top of their privacy is a luxurious feel – granite up the wazoo and hand soap that smells like it has been freshly collected from flowerbeds within the Shire.  Should you go to a restaurant based on its bathrooms? No.  But – should you need one, just know that Del Posto won’t let you down.

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We would like to congratulate West End Station in Hoboken, New Jersey for snagging the Bathroom of the Month award this month. They really went all out with this bathroom. Our favorite part is the farmhouse sink. Just look at that contrasting dark-colored wood table it sits on! The subway tiles in slightly varying shades of light gray and white are also a nice touch. Fantastic attention to detail.

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Kudos to Dell’ Anima, the winner of our September Bathroom of the Month Award!

They scored some good bathroom points with the Xlerator hand dryer, the good smelling candle (even John thought it smelled nice in there), and that wicked cool mirror frame. Everything was on the up-and-up in there as far as our scout (John) could tell.

Just another reason to go back.

Membership in the Bathroom of the Month Club is closely monitored. Points are awarded for cleanliness most of all. Order and neatness also count. Extra bumps up the bathroom scale are given for Xlerator (or, my personal fav, Dyson) hand dryers. But if you have cool towels (like the kind you wash), that’s nice too. Little extras like nice smelling candles, interesting art and decor won’t hurt your chances either.

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We would like to heartily congratulate Sorella for winning this month’s Bathroom Award. Nice work, guys. We will be putting your certificate in the mail. I’m sure you’re eagerly awaiting it.

But seriously, this was a nice restroom. And I loved the pics of the dogs. The lighting on either side of the mirror was perfect (bright but not frightening). The lacquered wood paneling plus white mini tiles was a lovely interior design move. And notice the candle to my right (or left depending on your perspective). Nice touch!

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